You’ve Been a BAD Sissy Cuckold!

You’ve been a very bad sissy cuckold. Lately you’ve been quite the defiant little sissy and tonight was your worst. You were supposed to have the house clean and ready for my date and I to enjoy a hot evening together. I was even going to let you watch, but you fucked that up! Now you can’t watch at all and you have to be punished.

What do you think I should do to you? I know a great game of chastity tease and denial that should remind you of your place in this relationship and as a so-called man. You’re going to play this game and it’s going to make your balls ache something terrible. It gives a new meaning to blue balls.

You’re a Sissy Maid at My Party

You love being at my parties because they’re fun and full of exciting naughty action, but now that you’re my sissy cuckold, well you have to be like all the other sissies and do what you’re told to do. Tonight we are going to pick out a perfect sissy maid costume for you and you are going to serve everyone at my party.

Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do as my sissy maid? You’re supposed to serve people. :) That’s right, you were maid to be walking around in a short black dress with white stockings and an apron, or whatever or slutty sissy clothes we can find for you to wear at the party. This might include a wig, shoes, and all kinds of naught sissy maid delight!

Are you excited to be my pet? I know you are. I know you want to be the talk of the party and give up everything to be my pretty sissy girl.

Do I Love the Power of Cuckolding?

Yes, I do love the power of cuckolding. I love the way it makes me feel as a woman when I tell you to drop down to your knees and serve me.

Having you serve me gives me great pleasure. It stimulates my mind and brings out the deviant side of me. Nothing is more sexually satisfying than having a man at my feet doing tasks that he would never do for others.

Why Do I Love Cuckolding?

I love cuckolding because it gives me power over men and my body. So many people do not understand cuckolding, but I do and if you want to date me or be with me then you must understand that you might end up being a cuckold or a man. What happens is all up to you.

I’m pretty picky on who I choose to cuckold. It’s not like I go out and just find guys to fuck and play with. No, not at all. There are so many variables to my needs. I can tell you that if you are ever a cuckold of mine that I have certain criteria that you must fill.

You must have money. If you don’t have money then cuckolding with you isn’t going to be very fun. I enjoy a great night out with my lover and it’s your job to pay for the whole date and possibly the hotel room. It’s also your job to make sure I look good for my date and by me some nice clothes. is always a great place to send some tributes as I do find great shoes, but other giftcards work as well.

Pretty Sissy Boys Love to Show Me Their Panties

I get calls daily from guys interested in showing me their panties. Some of these guys just get a little turned on by putting on their girlfriend’s underwear but others, they’re complete sissies.

These sissies love putting on panties and looking really girly. They’ll go as far as putting on bobby socks and 4-inch heels. Some wear lipstick and put on wigs–it gets really cute and strange. The fun doesn’t really start until they pull out their butt plug binkys and start sucking on them. Yes, they do have girly clothes and pretty petticoats.

I even have one guy that calls me wearing a tutu. A ballerina tutu. He says that he’s “so gay” and a “total fag” and loves being called names. Now we play a little butt plug/dildo sucking game that only sissies can understand, but it’s so cute.

Your Cuckolding Girlfriend Fucked You Over With Her Ex-Boyfriend

yourgirlfriendfucksyouoverwithherexYou thought she was faithful, but your girlfriend was seeing her ex-boyfriend behind your back. How humiliating it must be to realize that you’re fucking and licking his hot cream pie! What are you going to do about? Are you going to keep on dating her? Because when you do she is going to cuckold you and you will become her dirty little bitch.

You Can’t Get Over Getting Cuckolded By Your Ex-Girlfriend

You poor guy! You were so in love with this girl and you thought you had something that no one else had. Every day you ran into the sunset holding hands while kissing and laughing. You shared the same tastes and dreams. You probably even grew up together. And one day you were going to get married. She promised.

You were most likely her first, or at least she said that you were. You vowed never to make love to another person. She was so sweet and innocent with that beautiful summer dress and sweet smile that you always think of her at that very moment the sun hit the highlights in her hair and her eyes sparkled. You wanted to see that smile so you said a sweet little joke, but something was different. She kissed you and teased you and not knowing what to do next she took your cock into her hand and started to stroke it inside your pants. With one small swipe you remove her panties and hide them in your pocket. The grass is soft as you fall to it and you laugh as your lips meet and tongues tangle.

Somehow you manage to pull your hard cock out of your jeans. You’re feeling the inside of her thigh and then her wet, wanting pussy as you put it inside of her. She accepts you fully and you both rock together until you see a tear in her eye.

“What’s wrong baby?” you whisper.

She responds with a kiss and pulls you in deeper. In all the moment you can’t help yourself. You start to cum and suddenly she stops and pulls away. Your cock is throbbing and dripping and she looks away and says, “I can’t do this to you anymore. I’ve been fucking someone else.”

HAHAHA! Does that sound familiar? Okay, maybe it wasn’t that sexy, but you still remember the first time you were DUMPED! Or maybe you dumped her and you will never forget her. Whatever the case maybe, your ex-girlfriend cuckolded you and turned you into this melting mess of a man who needs his woman to get fucked by someone else. It’s no wonder why you’re a cuckold.

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When My Cuckold Watches Me Fuck That Big Black Cock

Most guys don’t even get the chance to watch me fuck my big black boyfriend. They beg and plead yet can only imagine what it is like fucking that big, thick, black dick. They don’t know how kinky I can get. See, I love sex. I am the dominant woman you think I am, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun in bed. I don’t wilt and go all submissive with my big black cock boyfriend, but I do get rough and wild with him.

Yes, we roll around. I ride him and cum like you’ve never seen before. But of course, you would never see a woman cum like that because you just don’t have the right tools to get the job done. Your little dick is so insignificant that I can’t even imagine it inside of me. That is why you are the type to sit beside the bed and just watch.

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You’re a Sissy Cuckold Maid at My Party

cuckoldingprincesskarin200x200You just can’t deny it. You have this fantasy of dressing up in a maid’s costume with stockings and heels to serve my boyfriend and our friends at my party. We love dressing men up in pretty clothes and turning them into sissy maids. You, as my cuckold, will do just this for me. I will have you doing more than just serving beer. You’re going to be servicing the men in the bedroom and a few other little interesting duties.Sissy Maid

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